Where’d he go? Dressed for Dinner hiatus over

I’ve been gone for months, and here’s why: http://www.torontolife.com/daily/style

I am working as the Associate Online Editor at Toronto Life where I, well, edit, the fashion section. It is a real full time job, whereas before I was working 20 hours a day with a night job on top of blogging and freelancing (working hard does pay off, so, uh, do that). My life is still busy, but I can go to bed by midnight some nights if it is possible. Anyway, I’m returning to my blog as of tonight and am hoping to re-ignite my Bearded feature and my regular discussions of contemporary menswear as swiftly as I can. To those who have hung in there, thanks. I know it has been a while. For all new readers, hello!



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3 responses to “Where’d he go? Dressed for Dinner hiatus over

  1. Adam

    glad to see you haven’t abandoned us.
    I look forward to new post.

  2. Welcome back! And congrats (from a perfect stranger) on the new gig.
    Looking forward to forwarding all your posts to my husband again!

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