COMUNE fall/winter 2011: how to dress simply, but well

Gentlemen, meet COMUNE, a brand from LA that couldn’t be further from what I view as “LA.” I’ve tried to let my imagination run wild (yes, even trying to picture the COMUNE model as Emile Hirsch in Lords of Dogtown), and I’m still not really sure how COMUNE is based out of Los Angeles, but that’s neither here nor there (clearly they exist somewhere, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about ’em). They call themselves a lifestyle brand, and that lifestyle—as you’ll plainly see—is one that relies on minimal effort, like a one pot meal.

Everything is solid, with the exception of a plaid shirt and a contrasting pocket on a Henley top, which to me makes dressing seem like less of a chore, because the choices are fewer, but every piece can be mixed and matched. Frankly, on my less adventurous days, a stylish ensemble is a plaid shirt unbuttoned, with a simple t-shirt underneath and fitted jeans. Therefore, COMUNE gets me, and some days I just don’t feel like working hard for fashion. I want everything to be amazing and simple and that’s what they’re giving us.


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  1. he is sexy, could trim his beard a little.. but lovely shoot!

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