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Canterbury of New Zealand spring/summer 2012

I typically can’t stand clothing with the brand’s insignia embroidered on it, but there are a number of reasons why I find this particular collection awesome: the models are fetching; forest green and mustard yellow is my favourite combination—and I’ve been looking for a varsity jacket with this colour combination; and I really like the colour-blocked windbreaker. That’s it, that’s all. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. If you don’t, there’s something wrong with you.



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A talky talk on self-expression with help from Uniforms for the Dedicated’s Fall/Winter 2011-12 collection

Here’s a shocker, and I’d like you to sit down for a second, because this is going to be a revelation: I’m a man who likes beards. I love ’em scraggly and unkempt—the kind that people claim are hard to kiss (grow up, bitches). When they’re too manicured, I’m more likely to say things like “stop it,” and “why’d you go and ruin it,” but of course it shouldn’t get too dirty and the polite thing to do is comb the crumbs out and not make bad jokes like “I’m saving them for later.” I like beards, because they make people ask questions, or react: “Why doesn’t he just shave?” “Is he fat under there?” and “That would be too scratchy on my lady parts. No dice.” I feel similarly about the clothes from Uniforms for the Dedicated’s fall/winter 2011-12 collection. There’s nothing effortless about them. The guys who wear these clothes want you to think they’re very casual, but they’re not. And I like that. I like men who spend some time putting together a uniform. UFTD’s uniform focuses on relaxed fits, and the message, I can only assume (because I did not make these clothes or art direct the shoot), is some sort of narrative of a grad student.


He’s contemporary (I mean, check out those glasses), attends fashion weeks (with his friends who are buyers, naturally), takes drugs recreationally, is bisexual (and yet, is a wiz in the kitchen when he makes meals for his live-in girlfriend) and is a bit of a shoe collector. Even his lapels don’t conform to the traditions of starching or ironing—he wears them wildly, because his intellectual pursuits are much more important. He is finishing up his MFA.

He’s a part-time art critic, makes collages, imbibes with Michael Musto and currently has no STIs. Uniforms for the Dedicated’s fall/winter 2011-12 collection is satisfying in the sense that their clothes help construct these mini narratives. Just by looking at their fit and the materials used, I created a life for this model, whose only job is to sell the clothes. And he has. He may actually be in a Christian rock band, be a father to 9 children (and counting), or he might be a Glamorama playboy—but it doesn’t matter, because when we create these looks, we are, more or less, asking people to validate us. We’re literally begging for these stories to be created, we’re asking for people to react in some way. I like clothes that are somewhat open to interpretation. It would be too easy to just call this dude a hipster. When people put together an outfit (and really, really try something), the goal is for that something to be acknowledged. My guess is that wearer has his or her own opinions (“I’m just being a Carrie,” “This is art school chic,” or “I don’t care about fashion”),  but if you’re going to try something, create a character, put together a costume, pass or fail, the ownership on how that story is adapted to film is not yours. Self-expression is yours, but how your story is told isn’t. And to me, it’s more fun that way. In 2011, I was an “undateable [WC]” “homeless” man who “looks like he slept in a sewer.” This year? Well, it is too soon to tell, but I’m hoping it is just as good.

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A preamble to the Dressed for Dinner gift guide: Adrian+Shane t-shirt stocking stuffers

Artists Adrian et Shane have decided to hand stencil some t-shirts, and their slogans are awesome. I stopped liking t-shirts with slogans a long time ago, but above are two of the best (in my opinion) from their mini-collection. I like the notion of illustrating what clothing you’d wear should you be in the position to be gangbanged (why not, you deserve it) and I really like the idea of wearing a shirt that says Diet Diet when I am quite clearly on anything but. Buy these for me for Christmas. I wear a large. And buy some for yourself too, because tis the season to be gangbanged and wear ironic t-shirts (since we’re going to be meatpilin’ until January, at the very least). You can buy them here »

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COMUNE fall/winter 2011: how to dress simply, but well

Gentlemen, meet COMUNE, a brand from LA that couldn’t be further from what I view as “LA.” I’ve tried to let my imagination run wild (yes, even trying to picture the COMUNE model as Emile Hirsch in Lords of Dogtown), and I’m still not really sure how COMUNE is based out of Los Angeles, but that’s neither here nor there (clearly they exist somewhere, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about ’em). They call themselves a lifestyle brand, and that lifestyle—as you’ll plainly see—is one that relies on minimal effort, like a one pot meal.

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Junya Watanabe reinterprets the field jacket

Junya Watanabe makes amazing jackets, plain and simple. I was coveting the duck jacket, and now I want this reinterpretation of a field jacket, complete with leather patches, wool flannel and drill cotton. The best part is, the hood is detachable, and I seem to have this problem where a hood does not welcome my gigantic head, so a point always forms at the top and I always seem to look like I’m representing a non-existent fashion branch of the KKK. Frankly, that’s not really what I’m going for.


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Triwa Fall/Winter 2011 watches may be “bold” for Sweden, but it’s just right for me

I tend to shy away from most watches. It certainly seems that people feel the more money a man spends on his watch, the better his taste is, but that’s kind of bullshit, to speak bluntly. It might work better than some, but on the surface, some of the more expensive models tend to have too many bells and whistles (and that’s like screeching down a residential neighbourhood in a Ferrari). Triwa claims they are returning to a time when Swedish design was more bold, and I can certainly see that, but even with the extra elements on the face, it still feels refined and worthy of the fascination most people currently have for modern Swedish design. I’d definitely take the purple one for a spin.

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Please, forget about the Ben Sherman you thought you knew



Think about what you know about Ben Sherman. Target-Underground branding, mod fits (that fit no one correctly), but ultimately pretty cool (and you wanted to wear the clothes, but most of the time, couldn’t, because, well, the fits were pretty wonky).

The skirts and club collared poplin shirting is gone for the girls, and now, in what seems like a whole new world (for Ben Sherman), Sherms has taken to a full-on menswear concept debut entitled Plectrum, which, to be completely crass, is fucking awesome.

The Plectrum look is heavily workwear-inspired and highlights basics (well, of the genre) like plaid shirting, chunky knit crewneck sweaters, corduroy pants (that I actually like), and very dapper, seemingly cocoon-like suitable-for-maybe-Russia-and-Canada coats (so, hooray for me). So, it is me. I inspired this collection. Okay, I didn’t, but take a look and tell me what you think. I love the green pants.




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