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My Daughter Deborah Is A Fucking Bitch


Deborah just called me a bitch.

That little bitch has got some nerve. I took away her hand-me-down iPhone 3G, and she won’t be able to access her Tinder likes for three days. 

She’ll think twice the next time she forgets that I am her MOM.

Ever been in a power struggle with your own kids, moms? 

I need tips!





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What is a gay witch? A brief intro to International Gay Witch Day


A gay witch named Storm Faerywolf writes in 2000, “In most Wiccan traditions of modern witchcraft there is a strong emphasis on sexual polarity as a model for magickal/ritual working. Simply stated, this is the belief that magickal energy is generated most strongly (and perhaps only) by a male and female working partnership, a concept that was popularized by the Gardnerian tradition and has been passed down in some form to the vast majority of modern witchcraft traditions being practiced today. Even in traditions where this polarity is seen to be internalized (i.e. the idea that we each contain an inner male and female which strive for balance regardless of our physical gender) we find that, ultimately, the model we have adopted is still a heterosexist one: that of polarized or complimentary forces being identified as male and female, thereby enshrining this model as the template for all real relationships whether they be romantic, magickal, or otherwise. For Queers this can be a dangerous practice.”

It can be dangerous. It is merely another instance where queers are subjugated. I will be completely honest. I found out gay witch was a thing on a lark, but quickly felt like it was something I wanted to pursue. The otherness of gay witchcraft appeals to me, and its lack of concrete definition makes it equally desirable. I am very much a beginner, and learning about this as I go along. If you are a seasoned gay witch, I would love to hear from you! E-mail me!

Gay witchcraft appears to be full of good intentions. There appears to be less focus on emulating The Craft and more on pursuing worthwhile causes. Take gay witch Christopher Penczak, who put out a call in 2004 to produce spells for gay rights: “I propose that all magickally-minded people – Pagans, Witches, Wiccans, magicians, healers, shamans, yogis, seers, seekers on all paths who believe in equal rights for all – come together on the first Full Moon after the 35th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots that occurred June 27, 1969. Stonewall is considered by many to be the birth of the GLBT rights movement. On the first Full Moon after this historic anniversary, we can raise energy to make a definitive change for the better, where all people’s rights are respected. I suggest a spell with this or a similar intention:

We ask in the name of the Goddess, God and Great Spirit to be immediately granted equal rights for same sex couples throughout the U.S.A., so that all couples may enjoy the rights of marriage if they so choose. We ask this be correct, and for the good of all involved, harming none. So mote it be.”

I do not want to overshadow the Stonewall Riots, which is why I have chosen the first International Gay Witch Day to fall on June 28, 2013. So don your gayest gay witch apparel (how you define gay witch garb is up to you, but I will be wearing a gay witch t-shirt and carrying a sign to commemorate the day, and likely also dying a grey streak in my hair to symbolize being touched by the gay witch gods, and perhaps conducting my first gay séance (let’s talk to Harvey Milk!)), and take to the streets with some gay witch enthusiasm.

Goddess bless,

Kevin “Gay Witch” Naulls


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Dear Happy Socks, work with me, okay?

Dear Happy Socks,

I know the New York Times wants you to think that Silicon Valley is responsible for using socks to convey class, and that’s probably true. They even want you to think there is some sort of code—but less sexy than the bandana code. Well, the New York Times can stuff it. Even if this is actually some widespread Silicon douchebag phenomenon, it isn’t making wearing colourful socks accessible—who the heck wants to be known as the guy who cuffs his pant leg during meetings because he’s sending the message that it is “business time.” Silicon Valley assholes. And that’s it.

This letter is less about deconstructing the piece from the New York Times and more about me wanting to collaborate with you. I am asking you, on the Internet, to collaborate with me on a new sock design. I consume so many pairs of socks, and I continue to buy more, so I think it is time that I make my own. That seems like the only realistic next step.

I have never designed an article of clothing before, but I know enough about the design of a sock to be an asset to the process. I do not shy away from colour or patterns, I’m really easy to work with (if you’ve worked with me, now would be the time to speak up) and I pick up new skills very quickly. I will also wear them all of the time, which is the equivalent of Mary Kate Olsen carrying a Venti Starbucks latte everywhere she goes. And I know a lot of strapping young gentlemen who could do the same.

Below is a slideshow that shows examples of my work. I hope to hear from you. If I could design socks all year, that would be cool too.

Kevin J Naulls, sock enthusiast

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Shwood and Pendleton make magic in Oregon

A great video shot to track the process of Shwood and Pendleton as they work on their collaboration. Two Oregon brands have come together using wools and wood from the local area to create some truly beautiful pieces. Check out the video above.

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BEARDED: Bowen Ames, art director and stylist

Bowen Ames is an artistic director and stylist originally from the Adirondack Mountains of Northern New York—he was born of a hunting father who has, to this day, been a source of inspiration for his evolving style. After working in Manhattan, Ames notes that he learned to appreciate the craftsmanship of clothing which quelled any dependency on trends. Upon moving to the oft-parodied Portland, Oregon (where he now lives), he realized that men of all ages shared a similar appreciation for well-made clothes—this group of men (most woodsy in appearance) could live quite comfortably wearing wool and denim 365 days a year (weather permitting, I’d imagine).

As for his beard, it is celebrating its seventh birthday, and he has no plans to shave it (at least not tomorrow, and likely not next week). Check out the photoshoot by Neil Dacosta (Hair and makeup was provided by Nica Demaria) that Ames conducted for BEARDED, and my interview with the beardo after the jump.

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Dressed for Dinner: a new dawn brings slightly less facial hair

My beard grows back in an instant. I shaved it off one week ago (above photo) and it is already racing back. Perhaps that is a comment on how much testosterone I have (somewhat laughable), but what it shouldn’t mean is that I’ve lost the focus of this blog. Dressed for Dinner grew into a niche site for beard(o) enthusiasts, but it was also meant to be an investigation of menswear (hopefully more interesting to you than, uh, say, GQ?). This will be the last self-indulgent, look-at-me post. I just thought I’d ease into the return.


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Where’d he go? Dressed for Dinner hiatus over

I’ve been gone for months, and here’s why:

I am working as the Associate Online Editor at Toronto Life where I, well, edit, the fashion section. It is a real full time job, whereas before I was working 20 hours a day with a night job on top of blogging and freelancing (working hard does pay off, so, uh, do that). My life is still busy, but I can go to bed by midnight some nights if it is possible. Anyway, I’m returning to my blog as of tonight and am hoping to re-ignite my Bearded feature and my regular discussions of contemporary menswear as swiftly as I can. To those who have hung in there, thanks. I know it has been a while. For all new readers, hello!


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