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A preamble to the Dressed for Dinner gift guide: Adrian+Shane t-shirt stocking stuffers

Artists Adrian et Shane have decided to hand stencil some t-shirts, and their slogans are awesome. I stopped liking t-shirts with slogans a long time ago, but above are two of the best (in my opinion) from their mini-collection. I like the notion of illustrating what clothing you’d wear should you be in the position to be gangbanged (why not, you deserve it) and I really like the idea of wearing a shirt that says Diet Diet when I am quite clearly on anything but. Buy these for me for Christmas. I wear a large. And buy some for yourself too, because tis the season to be gangbanged and wear ironic t-shirts (since we’re going to be meatpilin’ until January, at the very least). You can buy them here »


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